Looking for a beta read? Someone to help with research? Dog walking? You've come to the right place for the first two, and if you have a pug, I'll seriously consider the dog walking, because my job is to make your life easier. Also, pugs are awesome.

I've spent years in the start-up sector of the tech industry — including a stint at Kobo — honed my skills in project management, problem troubleshooting, and getting 'er done. I've managed a million dollar budget, run websites that garnered a million hits an hour, and have over 15 years experience with helping people do their jobs. My approach is über flexible, I have a keen eye for detail and organization, and I'm a writer and voracious reader with a love of all things literary. And I'm here to help.

"Maia is an incredible resource to me as an indie author. I always know I can count on her to help me format my ePubs, advise on covers and marketing, and give me the low-down on the latest opportunities. She knows her stuff and she's a delight to deal with. She rocks as a beta reader, too!"
—Lola Rooney, author of Put Me Back Together

Beta Reading

In my manuscript critiques I focus on analyzing content flow, clarity, pacing, character and plot development, if your 'hook' is...er...hooky enough, and any other aspects of your work you want me to zero in on. I provide in-line notes in your wip as well as a beta reader letter. (Click here to see the template I use for my letters.) I don't edit, but I will point out grammar, punctuation, and other usage issues when I catch 'em. I take a flexible approach to my work—if it's a good fit for you to send me 10,000 words every week, and you want me to focus on a specific element (like character development) I'm happy to work with your schedule and requirements.

My clients range from newbies to bestselling authors, and all are welcome. But please note that the best way to get the most out of your manuscript evaluation is to send me the cleanest, most developed copy you can.

"I recommend Maia Sepp as one of the finest Beta readers available. Here's why: Her feedback is timely. It is thorough. It includes comments on grammar, structure, dialogue, settings, and overall readability. Her literary knowledge, her knowledge of genre, and of simply what works, is awesome. This comes from a grateful writer."
--Carolyn Taylor-Watts, author of Helena: An Odyssey

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Virtual Assistance Services

Technology solutions (my specialty):
• Website (html/css) maintenance, changes, & troubleshooting.
• DNS services, domain name management, website analytics.
• Uploading/formatting blog and website content.
• Helping develop a backup plan.
• Graphic design (banners, 3d book covers).
• Miscellaneous nerdy services.
• Organizing free promotions (Kindle Select).
• Organizing sale promotions on all vendors.
Admin Assistance:
• Research assistance.
• Budget and book-keeping assistance.
• Distributing your ebooks to all vendors; Amazon, B&N, etc.
• Maintaining your author pages at Goodreads and Author Central.
Need something that's not mentioned here? Give me a shout.

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