Looking for a beta read? Someone to help with research? Dog walking? You've come to the right place for the first two, and if you have a pug, I'll seriously consider the dog walking, because my job is to make your life easier. Also, pugs are awesome.

I've spent years in the start-up sector of the tech industry — including a stint at Kobo — honed my skills in project management, problem troubleshooting, and getting 'er done. I've managed a million dollar budget, run websites that garnered a million hits an hour, and have over 15 years experience with helping people do their jobs. My approach is über flexible, I have a keen eye for detail and organization, and I'm a writer and voracious reader with a love of all things literary. And I'm here to help.

Technology solutions (my specialty):
• Website (html/css) maintenance, changes, & troubleshooting.
• DNS services, domain name management, website analytics.
• Uploading/formatting blog and website content.
• Helping develop a backup plan.
• Graphic design (banners, 3d book covers).
• Miscellaneous nerdy services.
• Organizing free promotions (Kindle Select).
• Organizing sale promotions on all vendors.
Admin Assistance:
• Research assistance.
• Budget and book-keeping assistance.
• Distributing your ebooks to all vendors; Amazon, B&N, etc.
• Maintaining your author pages at Goodreads and Author Central.
Need something that's not mentioned here? Give me a shout.